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If you are looking for an entertaining and fun effect that is portable and practical, then look no further. This is a beautifully made rendition of the classic Three Card Monte effect. The game is simple, keep up with the queen. When the cards are turned with their backs to the audience and mixed thoroughly, despite the audience’s best guess, they never find out where the position of the queen! Finally for a climax, all three cards are turned-around and all three cards are queens! These cards are made out of wood and silk screened on styrene plastic. They were made by the late Fred Story of Camelot Magic fame and they are rare and collectible. We only have a few sets left in stock and after that they are all gone. The outfit comes complete with three cards, instructions, felt carrying bag, and collapsible wooden easel. 0057MBC3CARDCAMELOT


$175.00 Regular Price
$125.00Sale Price
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