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The magician displays a jumbo jack-in-the-box. He spins the box all the way around to show that there is nothing suspicious behind the box. It is simply a wooden box sitting on a platform. Next the magician opens the front doors of the box and shows it to be completely empty. He closes the doors, spins the prop around one more time, claps his hands, and his assistant pops up out of the top of the box!


This is a great effect that was originally build for the Jack In the Box corporation. It is one of the most practical illusion props Chadwick Illusion Fabrications has ever created. The box has its roots in the Doll's House illusion. Packing this illusion takes less than a minute. One has to only hinge open the lid, lift the box off the base, collapse the box (it accordian folds flat), and slip the folded box into the base.


This neat prop can be used for vanishes too, and we have even made one into a sword box for the Broadway play Carnival. This is a neat prop through and through. 

TIFFANY - $5000

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