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A great trick for children and family audiences, with built-in fun, laughter and excitement! The magician displays a huge traditional plastic wand with white tips. As the performer is talking, suddenly the end of the wand pops off! Apologetically the magician replaces the white end cap. However a moment later, the top pops off again! The comical play is repeated a third time, but this time as the magician puts the cap back on the end of the wand, the bottom opposite white cap end pops off! As this end is replaced, the top end pops off again! Does the wand have a mind of its own? Children go crazy with laughter. Of course the magician tries to ignore what is happening, which of course causes even more frenzy among the youngsters in the audience!


This great item was once distributed by the British Supreme Magic Company. However it was made famous by the not so good looking David Ginn (you can tell him we said that). Of course David is one of the greatest children's and family entertainers of his generation. Austin magician Trixie Bond, a great family entertainer in her own righht, had these wands made out of durable black plastic tubing and white plastic ends. It should last for a long time with the right care and usage. And if our price seems a little more expensive that other magic retailers, just remember that our price includes shipping! 0501RUMTOPSYPOPS


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