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The magician displays a tall upright cabinet resting upon a castered platform. The upper, lower, and long vertical side doors are opened. The magician's assistant enters the box from the side door. The side door is closed, and the audience can clearly see the girl's legs through the smaller bottom opened door, and her head and upper torso through the upper opened door. The doors are closed. Next the magician revolves the upright cabinet over the middle fulcrum box and back down on the other side, similar to a see saw going from one side to the other. The front doors are opened once again and sure enough, the girl is upside down. She is apparently standing on her head. Her head and torso now show through the bottom door opening, and her legs show through the upper door opening.


The bottom door is closed, and then as rapidly as possible, the upper door is closed and immediately reopened! Magically the girl instantaneously flips end over end! She is now back in her original standing upright position! The side door is opened and the girl walks out of the cabinet once again! This impressive Robert Harbin prop features the finest luan, laminate colors and patterns chosen by the customer, and ingenious improvements that make this illusion as impressive as ever.


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