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This is a picture of one of two Transformation Tube illusions that Chadwick Illusion Fabrications built for Warner Brothers Germany a few years ago. It is based upon the "genii tube" principle. In essence, a girl climbs up the ladder and then slides down through the tube. When she emerges out the end however, she has been transformed into a child, Teddy Bear, doll, or even a live animal. ! This tube then hinges open lengthwise to show the tubular compartment empty!


A version of this illusion was featured in an early Doug Henning television special to transform the older Broadway play Annie actress into her much younger replacement. The construction of this prop is all aluminum and is carefully TIG welded. This is but one of many custom built props that Chadwick Illusion Fabrications has designed and constructed for the movie and television industries, for the Broadway stage, and for illusionists worldwide.


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