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Also known as Topsy Turvey Bottles, this is a wonderful miniaturized rendition of this classic comedy effect. The magician invites a volunteer from the audience. He then shows two small plastic bottles and two plastic tubes. The bottles measure about 4.25 inches tall and the tubes are about 4-3/4 inches tall.


The magician gives one of the bottles and one of the tubes to the volunteer and instructs the volunteer to "do as I do." Both the magician and volunteer show their tubes to the audience so they can see through them. Next both  the magician and volunteer place their tubes down over their prespective bottles, place one hand on the bottom of the tube and one hand on top of the tube to trap the bottle in the tube. The magician and volunteer invert their tubes and bottles three times while counting out loud "One, two, three." When the tubes are lifted the volunteer's tube is upside down as it should be, but the magician's tube is upright! Hummm.


The procedure is repeated a couple more times. Each time the volunteer's bottle is opposite the magician's. The magician takes the tube and bottle from the volunteer and puts them away. Showing his bottle upside down, the magician quickly drops the tube down over the bottle and instantaneously the magician's bottle is upright! This is a fun little routine that delights audience of all ages. 005MM0202


SKU: 005MM0202
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