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The magician displays a full-length black cane. Holding the cane between the hands, suddenly the cane visibly transforms into a green cane! Then just as magically, the cane transforms into a red cane! Finally the red cane disappears and turns into one more silk handkerchiefs! Or the cane can transform into a shower of paper confetti. Use the cane to turn into a giant 36” silk handkerchief! Roll the can up into a newspaper sheet. When the newspaper is unfurled, the cane vanishes!


This was Fantasio's ultimate set of canes that gives the magician great versatility. A performer can opt to do just a regular vanishing cane using any of the three colors, or do the double color changing cane to silk from any one of the three colors to any of the other two colors, or of course do the triple in any order desired.

No, these are not the Chinese knock-off canes, which are not very powerful and don’t work well. These are brand-new ORIGINAL Fantasio Vanishing Canes! Well, how did you get those? That’s easy. The Illusion Warehouse constantly buys leftover store stock from other magic shops that go out of business. Once upon a time, every magic shop in the country had Fantasio products in stock. But with the demise of the late Ricardo Fantasio and him selling his company to a prominent wholesale magic company, his products have not been available for a long time.

Obviously, we only have a couple of these canes in stock, and so we will monitor our website closely. Just know that when these are sold, we will have to delete this item from our website. Get them while you can! Each cane comes complete with canes, cap, and Fantasio instructions. 001CBMFANTASIOVANCANE


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