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The magician opens the front and back doors of an ornate cabinet so that his audience can clearly see through the illusion. The top of the cabinet with the smaller "head box" attached is hinged forward and the magician's assistant enters the cabinet through the rear doors. The lid is lowered and the audience can clearly see the assistant standing in the illusion with her face showing in the head box. The rear and front doors are closed. There is absolutely nothing suspicious from the audience's point of view. The girl is definitely in the box.


The magician begins to rotate the head box around several times! He opens the front doors of the torso box and the audience sees the assistant's body twisted like a wet towel. Only her legs and feet that extend below the bottom of the torso box remain unchanged.  The procedure is reversed and the assistant is restored. The illusion is comical, easy to perform, and a great interlude for any act.

Our Twister illusion touts remarkable improvements from traditional designs.  By adding back doors and having the assistant enter from the rear, the need for a "lap board" is eliminated. (In the traditional design of the Twister, a "lap board" that also serves as the bottom floor of the torso box, must first be slid out of the illusion or folded upward into the torso box so the assistant can enter the prop.) This eliminates the fumbling that is traditionally associated with this fine illusion to provide a smooth and simple presentation. It also gives the prop much more structural integrity.

A precision ball bearing "lazy susan" between the head box and the cabinet contributes to a smooth and flawless rotation of the head box. Our Twister also provides a platform mounted between the two upright legs for the girl to stand on, so that the illusion can be wheeled around 360° after the head twist to prove that she is not just standing behind the prop. The illusion is extremely rigid when assembled, and yet easily comes apart for flat packing.


We customize each Twister Illusion according to your specifications. This can include and is not limited to the size of the prop, color, design, and decorative motif. This is a prop any magician will be proud to own and perform. It is a modern upbeat effect, a two-person illusion, and it packs small and plays big.

TWISTER - $5000

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