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A brass tube and roll of candy are presented. The candy is placed into the brass tube and the tube is capped with a brass lid. The magician displays a silk streamer and makes it vanish in his bare hands. The lid of the beautiful brass tube is opened and in place of the candy is the silk streamer! The magician reaches into his pocket and removes the roll of candy! This fun trick comes complete with the brass tube, vanishing candy, and silk streamer. The vanish of the streamer is done with a Thumbtip, and the reappearance of the candy is a duplicate roll of candy available from many stores. Illustrated step-by-step instructions are included. This is an extremely well-made prop and very limited. Note that our version of this product is slightly more expensive because we include the extra streamer for the reproduction. 0042MM0406


SKU: 0042MM0406
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