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This classic magician's apparatus will enable the performer to do a multitude of various effects. The traditional use is for the magician to borrow a spectator's hat (cowboy hat, baseball cap, etc). The magician then begins to mix ingredients into a bowl for making a cake, such as flour (flower), milk (from the Magic Milk Pitcher or tumbler), eggs (whole), and pour the concoction into the Rarebit pan. Now the magician looks around for a stove or burner to bake the cake. Humm, none is available. So the magician proceeds to start a fire in the borrowed hat to "cook" the pan ingredients. The magician uses the pan to "stomp-out" the fire in the hat and then return the hat completely unharmed to the spectator! The magician removes the lid to the pan and produces a baked cake. Or he can produce anything else including silk hanks, flowers, a small rabbit or doves, or other small object(s). This versatile production or transformation apparatus is a classic in magic. Take a look at Tarbell 8 if you want more information! We have only a couple of these in stock, made by the now out of business Morrissey Magic in Canada. It's now a rare piece that is hard to obtain. As usual, get it while you can! We will eliminate these from the website once they are sold. 0057MMWELSHRAREBIT PAN.


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