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Steve Dusheck blew the magic world away many years ago with the incredible mystery of his floating Wonderbar! The magician shows a small clear glass test tube with a silver-looking rod inside. Talking about the effects of outerspace and the gravity of the moon, the magician uncorks the test tube. Suddenly the silver bar begins floating up and down in the tube, and then suddenly up and out of the test tube! The audience is amazed as the bar floats up and about the performer. Finally the bar floats down into the performer's hand, the magician puts the mysterious bar back into the glass tube and corks it like it was in the very beginning! This is the predecessor of the more modern floating dollar bill and floating rose effects, and one of the most uncanny (and rarely seen) effects in the archives of magic. Comes complete with everything needed to perform this amazing feat. 003KAM


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