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The Zig Zag illusion is perhaps the most well-know magic illusion known to magic. Invented by the late Robert Harbin (Ned Williams) of England, this effect is a classic. The magician displays a tall upright cabinet with a stick figure on the front. The front doors of the prop are opened, and the magician’s assistant enters the cabinet. The doors are closed, and the audience can clearly see the assistant’s face, hand, and foot protruding out the small corresponding holes in front of the prop. The magician then proceeds to take two metal blades and push them strategically through the prop, apparently cutting the assistant into thirds! For the kicker, the magician then slides the center box to one side, “zig zaging” the person into three sections! The procedure is reversed, and the assistant is without harm.


There have been many different builds of the Zig Zag illusion and simply put, we believe our version is the best. Many of the problems with sagging upper and lower boxes, the middle box catching and making it hard to slide, the correct dimensions of the overall cabinet, and many other small details that make this illusion really work have all been incorporated into this build. Also the cabinet is made from the finest luan. However there is no paint (except for the inside of the prop). Instead, the exteriors of the cabinet including the stick figure are made from Formica type plastic laminate, the same durable material found on many home kitchen cabinets! This prop is professional in every regard. It is solidly built, and the side lower and upper “shelves” are designed to fold upward and downward to make this prop as compact as possible. We only have one of  these props fully built as per the photo, and ready for immediate shipment. This prop must be shipped collect via truck, or it is available for pick-up in Fort Worth, Texas. 001CBMZIGZAGILLUSION

ZIG ZAG - $7500

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