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The magician displays a small ornate box and a can of Coca-Cola or other soda. The box top is hinged open, the drink is placed down into the cabinet, and the lid is closed. Next the magician displays two metal blades and proceeds to push them through the box, dividing the box and can of soda into three equal sections! 

But that’s not all, the magician then zig-zags the box and by sliding the middle section of the box to one side! The performer can even run his hand through the open area between the top and bottom sections of the box. The magician then proceeds to reverse the procedure, open the lid, and remove the can of cola. To prove that the can is ordinary, the magician then pops open the drink and pours himself a drink or hands the soda as a prize to someone in the audience. 

This trick has not been on  the magic market for many years, and we only have one left in our store. It is brand new and even still shrink wrapped from when it left Frank Klein of Colorado, the manufacturer and creator of this fine effect. It is virtually impossible to find one of these great tricks in brand new unused condition. You’d better get it while you can! We will remove this item from our website once it is sold. 001CBMZIGZAGCOKE


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